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The keys to good entrepreneur

// May 16th, 2009 // Entrepreneurship, Internet-Productivity

In the Aula Camon Alicante, Last week I had the opportunity to meet Albert Ribera who explained what elements are brilliantly Key to undertake a project online that must be taken into account.
Albert said during his presentation, some of the recommendations himself Antonio Gonzalez Barros, founder and president of Grupo Intercom (Infojobs, Softonic…etc.) arises when studying the Internet to start a business.
But before, need to ask you a question not so easy. Let's say the big question…Do you have what entrepreneur?

Discover, according to Antonio Gonzalez Barros, what are these qualities to highlight and define the profile of the person who wants to run a business.

1. The entrepreneur has to be full and honest
This requires reflection to distinguish between right and what is wrong, act to end what is wrong and not hide what we think about what we think is right.

2. The entrepreneur has to be tenacious
Can not lower our guard against adversity. We must overcome the bumps and continue at all times with the same desire to continue that at first, Despite the criticism and unsatisfactory results.

3. The entrepreneur must act with common sense
Distinguish between relevant and superficial, focus on the facts, be objective and not rush in trials, reasoning. This can make the right decisions.

4. The entrepreneur must enjoy what you do
It is almost impossible to carry out a project unless he enjoys. If we like what we do we will be motivated to carry it out and devote all our energies.

"To work without love is slavery.” Maria Teresa of Calcutta

5. The entrepreneur must be passionate
An entrepreneur must love what you do. In this way will bring their best qualities and your inner strength to achieve his dream.

6. The entrepreneur must be willing to serve a need
Find a real need and be sincerely interested in meeting, exceeding customer's expectations.

7. The entrepreneur must have a clear idea
It's about having a vision, not be confused with hallucination. Think of something that you see the future clearly.

8. The entrepreneur must be motivated

The motivation of an entrepreneur, usually cover any of the six emotional needs:

• Feeling self-confidence
• Being a unique person
• enjoy facing challenges
• Being connected with others
• Grow, advance and enrich the personal and professional
• Contribute something, that our work impacts on society

9. The entrepreneur must be willing to risk
In the way of the entrepreneur must take many risks, thus, should be ambitious and get ahead with this in mind.

10. The entrepreneur must be able to overcome failures
When you are at risk, one of them is to fail. But, every entrepreneur must have the ability to overcome mistakes, learn from them and get back up without giving up.

"Every failure teaches a man something that needed to learn" Charles Dickens

11. The entrepreneur must have autonomy
Entrepreneurs should have freedom of action and not been curtailed its efforts. If you can not put limits, the results will benefit.

12. A good entrepreneur must build trust and be trusted
Confidence should be reciprocal: others feel they can count on you and you trust the people you surround yourself. It should generate a friendly atmosphere around.

"The more closed door is one that can be left open" Chinese Proverb

13. An entrepreneur must be responsible
Go ahead with the truth, assuming the errors and correcting them and fulfilling the commitments.

14. The entrepreneur must be humble
Be realistic with the achievements obtained, be aware of limitations but also recognize the strengths naturally. Being humble means being open to learning and to enrich another and do not think you know everything.

15. The entrepreneur must have patience
You have to face problems calmly, moderating behavior, be tolerant and maintain a balance in the mind because actions usually take time to bear fruit.

16. The entrepreneur must be generous
Be selfless, help, listen and help as possible with other colleagues even if it means taking the time or give up something.

17. The entrepreneur must be optimistic and cheerful
Having high spirits easier to face the unforeseen. The joy is due to our attitude and not to external things that happen to us. Both will positively influence both in ourselves and in our environment.

18. Entrepreneurs must be honest
Always tell the truth and not pretend it is not. Do not be afraid to say "do not know" and contradiction between what you think, what is said and what is done.

19. The entrepreneur must be sober
This is to give things their true value, need not be slaves of "fictitious" and effectively manage our resources, getting ready to support any gaps that sometimes appear at the beginning.

20.The entrepreneur should take initiative
Action Ability, move quickly, be proactive and not be afraid to make mistakes.
"In twenty years hence we will be more sorry for what we did not do than what we did wrong" Mark Twain

21. The entrepreneur must be capable of learning
To learn how to do things, pursue goals, mistakes and to reflect, but above all we should be able to unlearn and look from another perspective what we regarded as safe.
"The illiterate of the twenty-first century will not be those who can not read and write but those who do not want to learn, unlearn and relearn " Alvin Toffler

22. The entrepreneur must have willpower
Being able to continually strive, while maintaining a balance with our hobbies, no
obsesionarnos. Meeting our plans and prioritize the important tasks to which we are more

23. The entrepreneur must be flexible
Is to adapt to changes, take the best of every situation and get rid of what does not suit us. Inflexible attitude is one that rejects what opposes their way of thinking and does not compromise.

24. The entrepreneur must be creative
Having the ability to see something no one had seen before. Creative people are observers,investigate new ideas, are intuitive while analytical and connections are apparently non-existent or impossible.

25. The entrepreneur has to be curious
Curiosity, observation, researching new ideas, the ability to surprise and come to different conclusions by applying the latest.

"To be surprised and wonder is to begin to understand" José Ortega y Gasset

26. The entrepreneur must have faith
Self-confidence in yourself and in the project being carried out is one of the essential characteristics of a good entrepreneur. Only faith can overcome uncertainty, have the strength to face difficulties and withstand criticism.

27. The entrepreneur must have affinity toward technology
The entrepreneur who uses the Internet as a key channel can not be averse to new media
and its impact on forms of communication.

28. The entrepreneur must have digital sensitivity
Or what is the same, put in place the web user to know their tastes and what you need or do not support.

All these characteristics are summarized in two: enjoy what you do and always go forward.
Only willpower and motivation may be carried out so that they are fighting.

Last 7 May,Valencia held the Day of the Entrepreneur of Valencia. The Feria Valencia a large number of entrepreneurs exhibited many of their projects while holding a full day of talks where successful entrepreneurs accounts coincide in many of the keys listed above.

The end of the day ended with a great conference that took place in the plenary hall by Luigi Valdes Bernardo Hernández, Current global head of Google Earth products and entrepreneurial success in Internet projects.

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2 Responses to “The keys to good entrepreneur”

  1. veronica says:

    My comment is that we should all be entrepreneurs so be pequeñeses but later will be fulfilled and our ideas or dreams will return large

  2. LUIS ANTONIO says:

    Knowing you as I think I know, I think Albert Ribera. you had to choose a model of “entrepreneur”.
    From this side of the map of Spain know that what you get.

    A hug.

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