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Twitter anti-earthquake tool

// March 13th, 2011 // Uncategorized

Twitter this year 2.011 is becoming anti-social tool without a doubt earthquakes. Starting with social events in the Arab world to what happened in Egypt and Tunisia, and now with a whole large magnitude seismic tremor and is causing a reaction chain of serious events, as the explosion in central Fukishima or the eruption of one of its volcanoes…What's next?….

During the event, the Telephone Network well bore all the traffic of calls that are generated these days after the devastating earthquake of magnitude 9.0 and its continuing aftershocks. Even Google was quick to re-enable the tool Google People Finder to help find missing persons, and meanwhile the testimonies and images of people living on the ground flood services like Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and other sites to publish text and images. After an earthquake of such virulence, much of the telecommunications networks of China have been blocked and other saturated but the Internet has supported this chaotic situation.

Twitter 1200 tweets por minuto en japon

Keep in mind that Japan is one of the most developed countries in terms of telecommunications networks, both wired and wireless. The telephone network has been on this occasion, like that happened 16 years, the best ally of citizens in Japan after the disaster. Again, Internet has stood in critical situations. No doubt the network will have suffered the onslaught of 6 largest earthquake recorded by man, as in the previous large earthquake in Japan, Kobe Earthquake 1995, collapsed around 20% local telephone network, and were affected 285.000 lines. One fateful day that hit Kobe City, increased 20 a 50 times the number of phone calls on the day of the event and the next day. And then settled 2,550 phones and 361 Free Faxes, including spots for international calls.

Then IM systems would (Instant Messaging) which had her starring role, But this time the network Twitter has become thanks to its ease of use and high penetration, a tool of communication reaching record as Tweet-O-Meter more 1.200 tweets per minute after the incident seismic.

Hector Garcia @kirai en japon terremoto twitter online

Héctor García (@ Long strip) , a Alicante geek which is in Tokyo for several years, diffuses from the day of the quake about the situation they are living in the capital of Tokyo.

I was working and on the ground encotraba 11 the building where everything was as staggered…Plam believed that one of suss comenantaba first tweets from this serious incident to happen.

The current merger of the web 2.0 with traditional media (Press, Radio and TV) have resulted in excellent coverage for the tranquility of family and friends outside of Japan. The BBC coverage is to be admired by even interviews via Skype, Tweets showing patients and their families, and reporting in real time what happens in each moment.

Virender Ajmani, an enthusiastic de Google Maps y Twitter, has created a map intereactivo with which you can see the tweets that are launched from Japan in real time. Impressive to see posts asking for help and prayers for the country and the people who are surviving this catastrophe so enormous.

Terremoto Japon tweets Geolocalizados mibazaar

At this time the situation returns to be critical in nuclear plant affected as the government warns of the possibility that the second reactor of the nuclear plant can operate even Fukishima security measures of this type of reactor makes even though the magnitude of the event, plutonium and uranium inside is not a risk to the population. Spoken to at least 1.300 people have died although it is thought that in Miyagi alone in his area are over 10.000 personas. Across the country have been evacuated and more thanPeople personas. 11 of 53 nuclear plants have been detained and is preparing the population for electrical outages that will occur in the affected areas and that between 25 and 50% electricity production will be reduced.

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