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Archive for El Futuro de la Web

The NFC-enabled mobile phone will replace the credit card

// March 23rd, 2011 // No Comments » // Apple, Apple iPhone 5, The Future of the Web, Marketing, Mobile Marketing, NFC, News

A few days ago we learned that the main operators in Spain have agreed to jointly use a system called payment by mobile NFC (Near Field Communication). Today we learned that Google is already making the necessary tests to use the NFC system to be paid over a cash register by mobile phone use.

NFC Pago con el Movil Smartphones | Jose Amoros Marketing online

The NFC is based on a wireless communication protocol a short distance (at least 20 cm) to connect two devices in the range of 13.56MHz (so no license required to transmit). To be necessary that the devices are very close together, this system provides perfect security to enable electronic payment and identification systems, or to transfer data as a contact card simply touching mobile phones. Addition, NFC technology is compatible with RFID tagging, which opens up a vast and exciting applications.

Apparently this payment system will be tested in a thousand stores in San Francisco and New York in less than four months. The NFC payment system allows a mobile device with built that can collect user data at a short distance to proceed with payment. In fact this system already built wireless payment cards.

This new payment system is going to test Google using cash registers that are able to read this data. At the moment only With the Samsung Nexus, is First Android phone with NFC. Nokia also announced that all bear Smartphones soon this technology, and Apple recently hired an expert in NFC (even if they denied rumors that the iPhone 5 incorporate NFC system).

In February, the CEO de Google Eric Schmidt, said in an interview with The New York Times that the company was working to expand its offering to advertisers using NFC chips. The service was intended to provide commented ads and offers articles on the point of sale.

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Apple may be working on its own search engine

// April 5th, 2010 // No Comments » // Apple, Apple SEO, The Future of the Web, Google, Search Engines, SEO

I've known today as, the atmosphere of cooperation could heat seekers soon as Apple could be working on its own search engine on the basis of the information an analyst with investment firm Piper Jaffray, who argued these days that there is a 70% chance that Apple will launch its own search engine to compete with Google and Bing in the next five years, something that would add more complexity to the search engine optimization (SEO) . As SEO, this news is of some importance as it gives our specialty, deserved consideration it deserves.

Apple took many years optimize their pages in iTunes and since a few months ago, their content is being indexed by major search engines.

La guerra Apple Vs Google también en el SEO

The war also Apple Vs Google search engine

In addition Apple has not gone unnoticed by the continued use which users are doing searches from mobile phones and more specifically using their own devices, Apple iPhone, iTouch and now the new iPad, whose default search provider is the implementation created by Google.

While the mobile market could be the main reason that Apple has taken this strategic decision, should not lose sight of how difficult it is to create a search engine and to create a search engine is an enormously difficult task, but this could see the light soon especially if we consider, on one hand the great resources of the company and other cupertino, the increasingly strong competition from Apple is receiving from Google in their core business.

So, could stand before the birth of a new player in the world of SEO, Although Yahoo could disappear for Bing, Once past the agreed period of collaboration between the two for almost a year.

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