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ShopAlerts: The shopping and marketing over yet geolocation

// March 11th, 2011 // No Comments » // Internet-Productivity, Marketing, Mobile Marketing, News

The Smartphones (smartphones) are beginning to change our view, think and react to almost everything, even in our purchasing decisions and the way of how companies publicized their products soon. It is estimated that 1 each 4 Americans regularly access the Internet through a smart phone every day, in Spain we may be hovering around the same figure may be even higher due to the commercial efforts of the operators in recent months. If we add more coverage and have the ability 4G and competition between Android phones on price and how they will be able to capture the attention of mobile users.

ShopAlerts Marketing Moviles | Spain Mobile Marketing Android iPhone RIM

With this panorama, Just a few days ago, AT&T unveiled a new service, able to change everything to offer a product marketing and location-based services targeted users based on GPS coordinates of the phone call ShopAlerts

AT&T Placecast announced 28 February 2011 joint marketing strategy, ShopAlerts. By using the internal GPS found in many smartphones, AT & T is able to gain customers as the GPS coordinates of mobile phones and ATrecerles customers special offers and gifts from the companies that use this service. Today, only available in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco and will be directed to those subscribers who have previously agreed to receive alerts and notifications based on your location. AT & T is the first network to offer such a service, paving the waATadvertising and marketing to people based on their specific location and in real time. The alerts also provide helpful information for the mobile user, such as weather conditions, traffic density and even specific information on shopping centers near the user's local environment.

The increasing supply in smart phones, called Smartphones, along with the increase in current information on traffic conditions cualuquier area, will lead to simplify and significantly broaden the user experience with its mobile next year.

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Apple iPhone unveiled in OS 4.0 developments in iPhone and iPad

// April 9th, 2010 // No Comments » // Apple, Apple iAd, Apple iPad, Apple iPhone OS 4.0, Apple News, Internet-Productivity, News, Advertising

Today Steve Jobs, Apple's all-powerful leader, has shown its best face, long, when they took the stage and from there to unveil the third major release of software that manages the large family of mobile devices from Apple.
Improvements in iPhone OS 4.0, it's like to be called the new operating system, are striking. Rumors that Apple would incorporate multitasking – the ability to run multiple programs simultaneously, now many smartphones use competition and – had been circulating for months.
Steve Jobs de Apple presenta 7 mejoras cruciales en sus OS

Steve Jobs unveils the 7 features of their mobile strategy - Fotos GDGT

From today, All developers can download a beta version and start using a 1.500 new programming tools. The finished product, over 100 new features for users, not be ready for installation (as a free upgrade) on iPhones and iPod touch until this summer and it will iPads this fall.
But, the variety and scope of the improvements made were the least, impresionantes. Forstall Scott, one of the young and new promises Apple, announced seven key features“tentpoles”:

1. Multitarea.

Double-clicking on the Start button, users can switch from one application to another, while the first is still running in the background. This means that the music programs like Pandora do not have to stop dreaming when we receive an e-mail, or receive Skype calls, even if the program does not run in the background. Also, Social Media programs like Loopt can position and track users throughout the day.

2. Folders.

To group applications into folders, allow users to install more than 180 applications on the iPhone. Specifically from now may contain up to 2,160 applications!

3. Mail.

Apple's new improved application that allows users to create a unified mailbox for all email accounts. It also allows multiple conversations by topic and exchange rate accounts.

4. iBooks.

This application, and filed with the iPad, iBookstore leads to iPhone and iPod touch. Includes free copy of Winnie the Pooh, a book with color illustrations showing the best possible way that Apple can do what Amazon (AMZN) the Kindle can not.

5. Enterprise.

Apple is adding a series of improvements aimed at getting departments to attract Information Technology currently closely linked to Research In Motion (RIMM) BlackBerry, to include greater encryption and mobile device management.

6. Game Center.

Playing with the biggest advantage Apple has in terms of number of games – more 50.000 compared with 4321 for Nintendo DS 2.477 for Sony (SNOW) PSP – Apple is adding leaderboards and brokerage services to make it easy to find people on line to participate in multiplayer games.

7. hell.

Steve Jobs this novelty reserved for final. What is offering developers a way to create interactive ads that avoid, in his words, “suck” or requiring users to leave the program is running when you click on an ad. With many mobile devices from Apple and may serve more than 1 million impressions per day, we are faced with an extraordinary opportunity for both developers and Apple to generate a lot of money, and employment.

Apple Mobile Advertising as their main course iad advertising - Fotos GDGT

Before the introduction of the iPhone 4.0, be shown to have some significant figures are usually presented in such large gatherings:
  • 450.000 iPads sold to date.
  • More 3,5 iPad applications million sold to date
  • More 600.000 downloaded books
  • More 185.000 applications of all varieties in the App Store
  • “More” 4 billion downloaded apps
  • More 50 million iPhones sold
  • About 35 million sold iPod Touch

All these event dataiPhone OS 4.0 could be followed live by Live GDGT

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