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3D products enhance the online shopping experience

// February 28th, 2009 // 2 Comments » // The Future of the Web, News

And Changes in the network day to day recognize that when you have a computer at home, the possibilities of making a purchase online are very likely.

Una empresa de Salt Lake City, Utah is leading the online purchase to the next level… not only for the buyer to the seller but also.

When looking to buy a product, Most sites will show a two-dimensional picture of the product concerned. Is always the basics but the detail of the product is rather limited. Hacemso What if we want to see the details of the product from all angles? Well, We can now.


Digitalizando objetos en 3D

Troy Sheen, CEO of 3TWO de Salt Lake, launched a new software technology for electronic commerce at the beginning of last year. REI,, and other companies around the world are using it already and are getting the products look real.

“We are taking the image to the next level, Consumers can now rotate, flip and spin the product, cojerlo is like in your hands from the glass case while being observed in order to get your online sales” Sheen explains.

Items are photographed while turning on a support van. Several dozen of pics later, software renderers from skiing gloves to headphones interactive image 3 dimensions ready for use in online commerce page.


Una chaqueta renderizada en 3D

This technology is useful and fun when used, but there is another issue in this:…the increase in sales.

Companies are using images in 3-D online shoppers say they spend more time on their websites, become more often and spend more.

“We know that all this translates into increased 33% spent on the web site; has tripled to three the number of users returning to the web; and the increase in sales is a 20% more. So this is no small, ” says Sheen.

In these times of crisis increased sales by 20 % really awful.

One of the objectives of the company 3DVO is to make this technology available to any user, from home you need to upload a product to eBay, and then transform it into a 3-D image.

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The future war between brands will take place on the Internet

// June 12th, 2008 // No Comments » // The Future of the Web, Marketing, Advertising

Each Changes to the Red Day by Day most important being identified now is related to electronic commerce and online sales. I propose this, increasingly:

Regardless suitcase ready to escape with her husband to Tuscany, Maria Luisa missing something in your closet. It has been infatuated with Gucci sandals, but there is a problem, price: 350 euros. The solution is, however, just a click away. After a quick look at the catalog of the Italian luxury firm Yoox, Sandals is the longed for "only" 310 euros. "At leEUR saved 40 euros”, take comfort, as it moves through the network to H&M. "Now I can buy a bikini at a good price".

Guerra online entre marcas

For only 9.90 EUR, plus shipping costs, Maria Luisa would set. The problem is that H&M has not yet opened an online store in Spain, This increases the final price if acquired from our country. But, Insurance, is only a matter of time. And is that H&M seeks to recover betting on the Red crown top European textile chain by revenue has snatched Inditex.

H&M, increasingly present. Zara Espabila !!

The Swedish retailer has launched the assault in cyberspace since it opened its first store online 1998 Sweden. The following year, started selling in Denmark, en 2001 landed in Norway and Finland, en 2006andanded in Holland and 2007 came to Germany and Austria. It is the conquest of northern Europe, where the market is further developed by "the majority access to the Internet for great broadband networks", to experts.

Aware that the web is emerging as the new battleground in the textile sector, Inditex has already taken its first step forward, but is far from the Swedish firm. Unlike H&M, has chosen to open its first shop online with your brand Zara Home, leaving now out of fashion in Red Dress. Big mistake…

Maybe it's just a matter of time. Inditex, which reported in December, the lowest rise in profit in four quarters, tries to reduce its dependence on Spain, posed by 40% of their income. "And what better way than through internet?”, Experts wonder. Not in vain, Last year alone, in which just landed on the web Inditex, fashion moved 22.000 dethroning billion books as the largest consumer product growth.

Christian Louboutins shoes en

The battle will surely be fought on the web

Nielsen estimated that 36% Internet users bought clothes in the last three months. And the figure will increase, experts say, they predict that the purchases will reach between 7% calculated by Euromonitor and 10% of sales 2011 Forrester Research predicts that, against 3,5% in the five largest European countries and 5,8% revenues generated by the fashion in the U.S. on last year. Hence, experts suggest that 2011 Network revenues could accelerate H&M up 15%.

Payless Shoes Party Tempura NuevoRumbo.Wordpress.comYes, H&M see how the Web figures fattening rivals consolidated billing on the web as GAP, whose online sales have already reached 236 million by March, compared to 195 million a year ago, and emerging competitors like Abercrombie & Fitch, opened in 2007 an online store in London and plans to open another in Copenhagen; Macy’s, U.S. to study leave; Tesco supermarket chain, who started selling clothes on the Web last year; Adidas, that after the U.S., come this year to the Netherlands, or even the English Court, offered a million and half customers registered on its website a wide selection of fashion. The battle is served to delight consumers, you could save money on purchases.

So every day there are new tools that facilitate access to the network for secure business transactions. If Spain is different it will be even more for not using self-analysis and thinks about the situation of delay with regard to electronic commerce and the advancement of new technologies.

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