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Google anticipates that each pocket has Android

// October 25th, 2008 // No Comments » // The Future of the Web, Marketing, News

This afternoon Larry Page, gathered in Oviedo and hands Principe de Asturiasthe prestigious Prince of Asturias prize in the category of Communications and Humanities, granted to the famous search engine. Page has been tapped to assume the new HTC G1, to round off the event,regalando a Android G1 himself Prince Philip.

Sergei Brin y Larry Page reciben el Principe de Asturias

Sergei Brin and Larry Page received the Principe de Asturias

Changes in the Red Day by Day, tries to prove as the famous couple will also have the world at his feet in relation to the new open source mobile device this week put on sale, but must fight against heavyweights mobile phone industry.

Yesterday Rich Miner, that is the general manager of mobile platforms, commented on wool Mobile Internet World en Boston,the reason the company has launched to the complex pool of operating systems for mobile. Without going any further just after his words an audience member brings out the confict acclaimed always apparent from the dedication of Google platforms for open source and closed contract requires staying in T-Mobile for two years.

Miner slipped the package stating that T-Mobile subsidizes the cost of the phone making it cheaper to consumers so they are forced to change a contractual commitment to stay to recover costs. On the other hand indicated that the real mission Googleis to organize the world's information and make it more accessible and useful to everyone.

But Google is doing everything possible, as has happened today during delivery Principe de Asturias, for this new operating system called Android, is in the pockets of consumers by bundling the most popular applications Google this device embedded en movil. “The idea is to have hundreds of phones based on Androiddivided by the market” Miner continued commenting.

HTC T-Mobile G1 con Android

HTC T-Mobile G1 con Android

It is clear that putting theAndroid on many different devices and encourage their use and support from the community desarrolladore, will further lead to number one in Web searches, Miner is excused but saying that another motivation has been the lack of innovation that exists in the mobile world. “When someone controls a platform, is hard to innovate within the value chain” was commenting and adding that no one can fully control the Android platform.



Google's move

MientrasGoogle makes its appearance in the multi billion dollar industry of mobile phones, There is much at stake that the company is in their favor. According to Google chief, the world is changing with more people than ever using mobile phones as their primary device for Internet access.

Today, There are over 3 billion mobile phone users in the world, hardly compared with 1.1 billion Internet users,if we add these figures that only about 200 million PCs are sold each year compared to 1.27 billions of mobile, We quickly realize that kind of adrenaline moves Google these days.

“Things are clearly changing, mobile phones are taking capabilities of legacy equipment and applications developers are taking their phones directly to consumers”, trend that Google also clearly hopes to benefit.

It is not simply create a new platform for application development, Miner commented, despite the open sourceAndroid is a key reason why Google hopes to have his big chance in the future of mobile.

Plataforma de Código Abierto Android

Android Open Source Platform


Today, while the price of hardware continues to fall, the price of software development and licensing price keeps rising. In fact, “is rapidly approaching the 25 percent of the cost of the device” Miner continued commenting. This issue can create problems for countries in developing countries where mobile is the only voice and data link with the rest of the world.



On the other hand,Platform Android is based on a thin layer of Linux, which is open source and free to use and dispose of it. In addition to this factor, are financial incentives for developers and phone companies explore it along with the known wishes of the developers to defend open-source platforms in recent years.

It was not an easy task to gather in Android big egos of the mobile industry such as LG Electronics, Motorola, Samsung, Qualcomm, Intel, NTT DoCoMo, China Telecom and many other players on the international scene. “Is very different from a model that works in other open source standard that make it” Miner finished adding.

When asked if they were helping to create a murderer of iPhone, Miner stated that Google and Apple but now are offering competing platforms and competing, both have been able to capture the attention of developers and also,from long they have been working together on a number of projects aimed at mobile applications. Not specified but, Google has made some of its services available to iPhone the application Google Maps or the same You Tube.

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Google-hoo, the new monster between Google and Yahoo

// April 28th, 2008 // No Comments » // The Future of the Web

What will become of us, walking users, if in the next few days we see the birth of a new monster network, call “Googlehoo” this is the time, “Goohoo” or why not “Yahgoo”. If friends, I just read the news regarding Yahoo is exploring alternatives to offer 42 Billions of dollars and the company's Sunnyvale, California,rejected as too low.

Goohoo, Google hoo, GoogYahoo - Los cambios en la red Dia a DiaThe U.S. justice department is examining the issues in relation to competition matters, and analyzing the effects of a possible alliance between the two major search engines today. A source said department, Yahoo said it completed a two-week test using Google's system for selling sponsored ads along with Yahoo search results.

According to Google this partnership would not be anticompetitive because it would be fixed in such a way in which Yahoo would use the most cost effective platform search ads to generate more benefits. This union between Google and Yahoo would be no different to other, it already has with Time Warner InterActiveCorp.

Instead, according to Google's purchase of Yahoo by Microsoft would raise the chances of Antitrust because the resulting company, several markets would control almost in its entirety such as Web mail and instant messaging.

Google and Yahoo would have cooperated with the Justice Department in the conduct of that test and when Yahoo, said two weeks ago that had begun to test the Google AdSense system, some critical positions in this covenant were the Google domain, as a barrier, rather than an asset for reaching agreement.

Google is the most important search engine, and a union with the number 2, would give Yahoo more than 80% market, according to consultancy Hitwise.

Neither of the two companies unveiled the results of the test in which the 3% U.S. searches conducted by yahoo, AdSense advertising carried. According to the president of Yahoo, Susan Decker speculation around the options of partnership with Google was something “premature”. But what is clear is that Microsoft will return to dance with the ugliest of new.

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